Here are my event dates for this year!

May 19th (Saturday) Penclawdd Community Centre 9.30-12.30

May 30th (Wednesday) Oxwich Bay Hotel 11-4

June 16th (Saturday) Penclawdd Community Centre 9.30-12.20

July 20th (Friday) Port Eynon Village Hall 

July 21st (Saturday)  Penclawdd Community Centre 9.30-12.20

July 27th (Friday) Port Eynon Village Hall 

August 5th (Sunday) Liberty Stadium 10-3

August 10th (Friday) Port Eynon Village Hall 

August 18th (Saturday) Penclawdd Community Centre 9.30-12.30

August 27th ( Friday) Port Eynon village Hall  

August 31st (Friday) Port Eynon Village Hall

September 16th -27th Exhibition at Aberglasney House and Gardens

October 20th (Saturday) Penclawdd Community Centre 9.30-12.30

November 17th (Saturday)  Penclawdd Community Centre 9.30-12.30

November 18th (Sunday) King Arthur Hotel Reynoldston 

December 15th (Saturday)  Penclawdd Community Centre 9.30-12.30


Please note the dates highlighted in read are pending. Please keep checking for regular updates